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 Is it worth it? 

Find out what previous customers have to say about their Carvana experience?

This site is brand new and I can see a lot of traffic in the analytics but no other posts yet so please be sure to add your Carvana Review so that we can start to build our community and hopefully make a difference. 


I had two, yes two, bad experiences buying cars from Carvana. I will blog in detail all the facts around my purchases under the "MY BUYER STORY" tab and you can decide for yourself if you think that the convenience of buying online is worth it. In addition there will be a "REVIEWS FORUM tab for you and other Carvana customers to share their experiences both good and bad.


This site was not created in an effort to profit and I am going to be paying for the hosting and other fees out of pocket in an effort to help others learn more about the Carvana buying experience.

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