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Full circle back to their first mistakes

So today I arrived home and found a FedEx envelope here at our home in MA for our daughter who lives in AZ so I know instantly what it is and open it right away. It is her newest temporary plate for the car that we bought from Carvana that was delivered February 12th in AZ. Did I mention that is where she lives and where the car is? Not only have these people gone full circle back to some of the original mistakes they were making of sending documents to the wrong state but this registration and plate expires on August 4th and it is now July 20th. That means there is only about 2 weeks left on this plate and they still have not gotten it to her.

This car is in her name and I am only a cosigner on the loan but not on the purchase agreement so I can not call them and get it handled. My daughter has called them countless times already. She has high anxiety and is not really one for confrontation so I have told her to simply continue doing whatever they ask but to please document every interaction for her own protection. If it was me I would have had an attorney on this months ago seeing how I know for a fact they they have there own MA registry at their office here and that there is absolutely no reason is the world for them to not have processed this properly five plus months later. I mean they have gone through the trouble of temporary tags about a half dozen times now in multiple states. Why not just complete the task once in the proper state and be done with it. I am sure that there is a lot of extra expense in the way they are handling this. Maybe they are making too much money and just do not care about running an efficient company or trying to make customers happy?

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