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Here we go again with the lies

So after contacting every "approved" shop on SilverRock's list of repair facilities in my area there isn't one that is qualified to work on my Jaguar F-Type. They simply do not have the expensive software needed for this model. I get SilverRock to agree to allow me to get the "pre approved" diagnostics done at another shop and they tell me that they will waive their normal $50 deductible for using a shop that is not on their list because none of them are qualified. I get the diagnostics done on Thursday morning and everything appears to be fine with the car and the service light that was reported by an advocate was probably a communication error within the system from turning the car on and then off again quickly during it's travels. The service tech clears all the codes and tells me to go out and put 50-100 miles on the car and let him know if any service lights come on. I get the reimbursement papers completed and sent in to SilverRock on Friday and this afternoon I receive an email from SilverRock telling that me they are willing to reimburse only $75 of the $125 that I was charged for the hour charge on the diagnostics. I immediately wrote them back and called "BULLSHIT". The delivery driver pre approved this diagnostics before I had even signed for the car and assured me that it was going to get taken care of. The SilverRock people approved the company that was not on their list and agreed not to charge me the $50 deductible for using a company not on their list. The simple truth is that you can not trust a word that any of these people tell you from wither of these companies. I have read in a couple of places online that Carvana owns SilverRock. I have not researched that to actually confirm it but it would definitely make sense. The both seem to run very shady businesses with sub par communication and outright lies.

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