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Paying for a car that has not been delivered

At this point it looks like there is a very strong chance that my first payment will be due before I even get to see or sit in the 2018 Jaguar F Type that I bought through Carvana on 3/25/2021. This is frustrating and depressing to say the least. Add in the fact that they don't call when they say that they will and there is no real method of contact for true customer service and this company is a mess. It has been 3 days since they sent messages about the latest delay and I was told that an advocate would be reaching out to me but still no contact. I have no desperately tried to write directly to the CEO Ernie Garcia and my email was not immediately bounced back so I think that there might be a slim chance that it gets to him but it is most likely to end up in a domain based company catch all account and never be seen by anyone let alone the CEO. I have businesses to run and can not devote any more time to chasing these people down looking for answers so I guess that I just wait and see. I am documenting the entire experience and I will decide exactly what to do with it all at some point later in time based on how it all turns out. I am sure that they are probably abiding by the fine print in their contracts so it would most likely be useless to bring one of my attorneys in at this point. The only thing that I can do is to share my story and hope that it helps others. If this site gets enough attention then maybe Carvana will learn something and work towards improving the many weak links in their supply chain.

It is a damn good looking car though.

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