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The kitty has a new home

So as you all know I received an unexpected text from Carvana on Sunday morning the 18th telling me that my car would be delivered Monday morning the 19th. So that means a 4th delivery date but at least this one is in my favor. I am still not happy about not having any input on the last two delivery dates. They were just assigned and with absolutely no communication with me at all. The delivery guy Joe was awesome. He kept apologizing for the troubles that I had. I told him that I appreciated his gesture and we discussed some of the highlights of my ordeals with the company. He assured me that he worked for people who want to improve the buyer experience and that everything I told him would be in his report. I told him that I was not going to bore him with all the details but if he was interested then he could read all the details here. So if Carvana was not aware of my site yet they will be shortly.

As for the car it is relatively what was described but there are a few minor things that were not mentioned or 100% accurate. The first thing that I noticed was that the car had a lot more than the two minor blemishes in the finish but no actual body damage that I can see. I was planning a full color correction treatment and ceramic coating for the car anyways and none of the scuff or scratches are too deep and should all be buffed out with a little effort.

For some reason there are two brands of tires on the car. All are great quality tires but the mismatch on a car like this stands out almost as much as a big dent if you ask me. I will ask them about trading out two of the tires so they all match. If not then I will have to drop about $500 to do so on my own and sell the odd pair locally to recoup some of that cost.

The driver also informed me that there was only one key upon arrival where as the advertisement stated that there were two keys. I specifically checked because I think that these keys are quite expensive if I remember right. The drive told me that he would have the other key ordered before he left my location today. Did I mention that Joe was excellent at what he does? I will most likely still need to take the new key to the closest Jaguar dealer for programming when it arrives so that means I will have to take another half day off at some point to do so because they are a little over an hour away.

So I am fairly satisfied with the car and the price that I paid for it but I still am not happy with the following.

  • The communication or lack there of.

  • The constant deadlines that they impose regardless of the day and or time.

  • The many delays with less than acceptable excuses.

  • The inability to contact people who actually have some authority.

  • The excessive wait times to contact agents that really do not have any real answers.

Carvana needs to step up there game on the customer service end and incorporate a better CRM system into their organization so that tasks are executed and followed up on in a timely fashion. They seem to virtually stalk you when they need some information from you but they are no where to be found when you need information from them.

I am sure that logistics is quite complicated to get cars where they need to be and when they need to be but this is where they appear to really fall short so They should seriously concentrate on that aspect. They have little to no regard for the buyer's time and schedule. That is obvious by the way that they delay and change dates frequently. I am an incredibly busy individual and each time I have been delayed it has cost me hours of my time. Even if my schedule was not as demanding if is still stressful and incredibly inconvenient.

I will continue to post as the days go on to keep you all up to date on how this all plays out.

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