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They are ghosting me after the sale

So I was told at delivery that somewhere in my cars travels an advocate noted that a service light was on. The delivery driver had not seen it and I have not seen it come on since I have had the car. The delivery driver pre-authorized me to get a diagnostics done on the car and I received instructions at 6:50pm that night how to proceed. I immediately contact Carvana to request if a local Jaguar dealer could be authorized to perform the diagnostics. The Silver Rock authorized site are places like Monro Muffler, Tire Warehouse, Pep Boys and other similar businesses. The local ones that I called are not equipped to perform diagnostics on what they call an exotic car. The robot replies that an advocate will get back to me as soon as they are available. So 17 hours later I get a text and I was unavailable because I was catching up from all the rescheduling due to the last minute surprise delivery the day before. I contacted them back as soon as I could and still have not gotten another response. Keep in mind that I only have 7 days to evaluate this car and they have now wasted two of them with their less than responsive customer service.

The local Jaguar dealer tells me that they can not get my car in until June 2nd and it is only April 21 at this point. I might be able to find another dealer but that will probably put me over the 400 miles that they allow during the 7 day evaluation period. I have found a company that deals in high end exotics that is willing to squeeze me in tomorrow morning but they are certainly not on Carvana's list of authorized service shops so I will be spending $125/hr out of my own pocket because they will not respond in a timely fashion. The bill will be forwarded to Carvana for reimbursement and if they do not take care of it then I may be forced to take other actions.

I called my delivery driver and he is going to try and get me in contact with someone but at this point he is really my only point of contact and unfortunately he does not have the authority approve my request.

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