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You can't even make this stuff up

So just to give you an idea of exactly how little communication there is within the Carvana ecosystem I received a text on Thursday morning the 22nd telling me that my car registration was completed and on its way. That was a little exciting because I have been hearing horror stories of some people waiting 4 months or more to receive their registration. Then in typical Carvana fashion I get another text on Saturday afternoon the 24th telling me that due to the impact of COVID-19 that there may be some delays in registering my Jaguar F-Type. So which is it? Was it already completed when they wrote and told me that it "has been completed" or is it now delayed due to COVID-19? Carvana relies on too many automated systems that are not properly integrated so you could constantly be getting mixed messages about your purchase. This entire experience had been one big guessing game. I think they they rely heavily on the fact that most consumers are non confrontational to the point where they use it to their advantage. I am personally a very literal person and my word means everything to me. If I tell you that something is complete then it is complete. Otherwise I would be lying to you and that is simply not acceptable in my book.

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